Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation is a not-for-profit, 100% owned by Aboriginal artists from the remote communities of Yuendumu and Nyrripi in Central Australia.  The beautiful and vibrant colours of the artists' paintings are applied to the material used for the bags we are selling through YARN Projects.

Warlukurlangu means "belonging to fire" in Warlpiri and is named for a fire dreaming site west of Yuendumu.

Each bag comes with a story about the artist and fabric design and royalties from this product directly benefit the artists.  The artists featured in the bags for sale are Judy Napangardi Watson, Ruth Napaljarri Stewart and Theo Nangala Hudson.


Raechel Saunders is an Aboriginal Artist from Australia. She comes from The Biripi Nation on the Mid North Coast of NSW and her beautiful artworks, including the hand-painted dot necklaces, are based on her love for her people, animals, nature and all of God's Creation.  The concentric circle pattern on Raechel's necklaces is representative of 'special place' or a 'meeting place' and is often used to celebrate and depict family gatherings.


She says, “Art has always been a major part of my life.  Growing up in the home of an artist, my father - Pastor Russell Saunders OAM, I have constantly been surrounded by creativity. My abstract Aboriginal Art style is heavily inspired by my father's work and teaching.   I have been selling my art from our small home studio in Australia to visitors from around the globe for over 11 years and, with YARN Projects, I look forward to sharing my Art with even more of the world.”


More of Raechel's creative endeavours and works can be found on her website.


In Australia's Aboriginal communities, the first thing you get asked when meeting someone new is, "Where's your mob from?"

WEAR YOUR MOB is an Indigenous Australian company specialising in stamped art jewellery. Their unique hand-made pieces are personalised with your mob's name engraved on the silver washer-style pendant.

YARN Projects is privileged to be a "kick-starter" of this Indigenous business and to be supporting the WEAR YOUR MOB team with the YARN mob bracelet.

Buy a bag + bracelet and become part of the YARN mob supporting Aboriginal artists and donating all profits to literacy and education programs for Indigenous kids.


Cleonie Quayle is a Maljangapa woman of the ‘Pooncarie’ Paakantji nation spanning what are now known as the States of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

Cleonie is a self-employed jewellery designer who creates beautiful pieces using Australian Aboriginal Gumnut, Quongdong and Aboriginal fabric. She continues the ancient Aboriginal tradition of using natural materials and fibres such as gumnuts and feathers to craft jewellery whilst adding a contemporary twist into her necklaces.

Her unique jewellery connects the environment, landscape, healing circles and nature. It links the past, the present and the future, demonstrating how one of the oldest traditions in the world is capable of moving forward and evolving.

Cleonie’s necklaces have been showcased in various exhibitions including Indigenous Fashion Week and NAIDOC Exhibitions and she is also a member of the Global Sisters network.


Beautiful, unique products crafted exclusively with Australian-made fabrics designed by Indigenous artists.


Every product is hand-made by Warriore, with materials sourced from remote outback communities.


Each product comes with a card telling the artist's story and providing background to their designs.


Stories of dancing spirits, corroborees, women's ceremonies and other dreamtime stories are encapsulated in these beautiful, vibrant fabrics.



Freeset was established by Kerry and Annie Hilton who relocated from New Zealand to India to establish a business amongst the poor. The poor they found themselves helping were vulnerable women living in dire circumstances. The Hilton’s set about creating a viable social enterprise, teaching the women to read and write as well as training them to become skilled workers and business women.

The women are paid well and are actively involved in running the business, with the women’s committee working with Freeset management to ensure their voices are heard.

The founders have also established the Freeset Trust, a charitable organisation operating alongside the business providing literacy classes, child care, budgeting and debt management services for the women.

Freeset is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and if you’d like to learn more about their work, take a look at the website.

A documentary about the work of Freeset, “Calcutta Hilton”, can be viewed here.

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